sectors of expertise

Kishurim HR has been leading a professional conception, based upon focused specialization, in several practices. Our clients include leading organizations in the local market, most of them with worldwide businesses and branches. The focused specialization, combined with our vast experience, allow us to offer an extensive and highly qualified pool of candidates, within a very short time, while providing the best adjustment to the requirements of the client and the position.


As multi specialists we run 10 sector practices that bring all the specific leadership and knowledge directly to the client. 

  1. Agri Business
  2. Apparel & Luxury
  3. Retail & FMCG
  4. Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  5. Energy & Environment
  6. Industry
  7. Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  8. Logistics & Transport
  9. Construction & Infrastructure
  10. Leadership & Talent Services