Undoubtedly companies willcontinue to feel the impact ofCOVID-19 well into 2021; this willaxect their hiring


strategy for theyear. Looking back on 2020 andforward to 2021, there are severaltrends in the Executive . . SearchIndustry.

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  How your skills and talents stand in the way of your promotion

So, you are the greatest salesman in your team. You break records and sell like boss. For the last four years, you have been in charge of the sales team, acting as a leader and receiving numerous raises and small promotions. It looks like you are ticking every box on the way to reaching the career goals of a manager, right? No.

  The 5 Career Management Mistakes that will KILL Your Promotion

A shocking 70% of managers worldwide never reach their full potential. While there are endless reasons for such factors affecting career development, most managers seem to make 5 common mistakes. Here are the top 5 mistakes made by managers who fail to advance in their career. Commit these and ensure that you’ll fail, too.

  Pave your corporate development career path by branding yourself for promotion

We’re all brands. Each of us is made of up characteristics whose combined effect is a brand. And like with others brands, we can create a need - a desire - for you in your organization....

5 mistakes you can't afford to make when interviewing for an executive job at another company


This could’ve been your big break - one of the factors affecting the career development of any manager looking to advance. You were called in for an interview at another company for a fabulous position - a job that would’ve been considered a major promotion at your current organization...


3 things you must know to sustain career success


A whopping 72% of successful managers don’t achieve their career dreams - despite all of what they have going for them!  And here’s the kicker: it’s because of their success that they don’t get promoted!

Sounds strange? I’ll explain why...

 The only interview question that matters

  How to manage time efectively 


  The gap between what I want and what I can


  The gap between what we need and what we want


  How to pay less and to get more


  Watch out for the gorilla when hiring talent