Executive search

Executive search is the ideal instrument for finding managers and specialists from the market. A systematic approach guarantees the survey of all the potential candidates for a defined profile. Outstanding managers and performers do not apply for jobs - they need to be found and convinced.


The steps we take when managing the project:


Definition of the project

Detailed discussion with the client about the company, business objectives, the market and the position to be filled. In this phase there is the need to establish a common understanding of the business objectives, the profile and performance expectations of the candidate.


Systematic research

Once the above definitions have been agreed upon, we will systematically search within the defined industries/companies. This activity takes place on various levels within our network and is accompanied by a permanent process of internal communications and exchange of experiences.

Interviews, Selection of candidates, Reports

One-to-one interviews with candidates who match the defined job-profile and who are interested in the position, evaluation of qualifications, personality, performance level, motivation and mobility will allow appropriate pre-selection of candidates to be presented to the client.


Presentation of candidates

The selected candidates are presented one by one and final selection will be supported by references and evaluation discussions. We are also available to accompany any negotiations for the remuneration package and would maintain contacts both with client and the candidate chosen for the position, in order to ensure a smooth integration.


Time table

The project will need an estimated time of 4-6 weeks until candidates will be presented to the client, allowing the first part for basic sourcing and research, the second part for approach, interviewing and evaluation of candidates. All steps will be reported in due course.